Frequently Asked Questions

What are Seniority Bonuses on Click 4 BTC?

Click 4 BTC rewards its loyal users by giving them bonuses on their payouts. The longer you are an active user of Click 4 BTC, the higher bonuses you’ll get. An active user is considered a user that claimed Bitcoin directly (not by a referral) at least once in a 30 day period. If a user doesn’t claim directly at least once in a 30 day period his seniority stats are reset. You can check your seniority stats at any given moment through the check address link.

Up to 30 days of using Click 4 BTC – no bonus

Between 31 days and 60 days of using Click 4 BTC – 10% bonus on all direct payouts

Between 61 days and 90 days of using Click 4 BTC – 15% bonus on all direct payouts

I’m not seeing the Satoshis I claimed in my wallet’s address

When you claim Satoshis they aren’t sent directly to your wallet. Instead they are accumulated on your account and once you reach the minimum threshold (currently 20,000 Satoshis) they will be sent to your wallet. You can check your address balance using this link.

Payouts are made once a week on Sundays for eligible accounts only.

How are referrals paid?

For each visitor you bring to Click 4 BTC, you will be paid the stated referral amount on the homepage (20%).